IJV Steering Committee Statement on Anti-Zionism

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) is anti-Zionist. While it had many strains historically, today Zionism is generally understood to denote the political ideology that has provided the basis for Israel’s settler-colonial project and unfolding genocide in Palestine.

As an organisation, we hold that the treatment of Palestinians by Israel is morally reprehensible. Zionism is the ideology underlying that treatment.

This decision is consistent with our most fundamental values, which have held firm since IJV’s founding in 2008. We have always been an umbrella organisation for progressive Jews critical of the Israeli occupation and Israel’s abhorrent treatment of Palestinians more broadly. 

These values also inform our long-standing support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as a means to put pressure on Israel to abide by international law, and of its goals for an end to the occupation, full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel and respect for the Palestinian right of return.

Our engagement in continued, urgent direct actions during the ongoing crisis in Gaza and the West Bank are in line with the Steering Committee’s decision to explicitly reject both Israel’s oppressive actions and its guiding ideology.

By making our position on Zionism explicit, we proudly join other progressive Jewish organisations around the world, including our sister organisation in the US, Jewish Voice for Peace.

The decision to declare IJV’s position on Zionism was made by the Steering Committee on January 15, 2024 and is subject to ratification by the general membership in June 2024. 

Should this position be confirmed, IJV will have the opportunity to expand on what we understand Zionism and anti-Zionism to mean, as well as how these concepts will inform our work in the future.