A Temporary Pause Is not Enough

IJV welcomes with relief the announcement of a temporary pause to the devastating violence taking place across the Gaza Strip. The accompanying exchange of hostages for political prisoners is a step in the right direction.

However, these measures, which bring some respite to the millions of Palestinians in Gaza and to the families of hostages alike, are not enough.

An enduring ceasefire is the only path towards lasting peace and justice in the region, and as allies, we must continue to advocate for a non-military resolution to the ongoing brutality of Israeli occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid.

Pressure from Palestinians and others across the world was undeniably key in bringing about this welcome development, and we can’t stop that advocacy now.

Israel’s ongoing, genocidal siege on Gaza, its military attacks from air, land and sea, must end.

The over 100 remaining Israeli hostages and thousands of Palestinian political prisoners – state hostages, many of whom are children – must be returned to their homes.

Additionally, the organized, armed and rampant settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank must be stopped. Four days of sorely needed respite are not enough.

As negotiations continue, it’s imperative that supporters of justice for Palestinians continue to fight for an enduring ceasefire, a complete end to the siege of Gaza and for Canada to end its complicity with Israel.

Once these four short days are done, Israel has promised to continue its assault on the civilian population in Gaza, so we cannot let this moment pass without continuing to act.

It is imperative that Western, especially Canadian and American, military aid to Israel’s far-right government be stopped immediately in the face of prospective ongoing, escalating violence.

IJV calls on our members, supporters and allies to continue putting your bodies in the streets, bringing your voices to elected officials and offering financial support to the Palestinian liberation movement as we move through this critical juncture. 

Never again means never again for anyone – not just over the next four days, but forever.