Corey Balsam – National Coordinator

Corey has long been involved in IJV, both out of his hometown  of Ottawa and Toronto. He has recently moved to Montreal after spending nearly four years living in Palestine, working for Oxfam, where he was involved in research, advocacy, and program management.

Based in Ramallah, Corey frequently hosted young Jews following their Birthright trips.

“I felt that it was important for me to act as a bridge for young Jews who were curious but afraid to cross the divide. Visiting me on the other side of the Wall allowed them to see first-hand the human cost of Israel’s actions and showed them just how unacceptable the status quo really is. I’m happy to report that it never took long for them to see the light. Several have even become active in the movement.”

Corey speaks French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, and some Hebrew. He is experienced in organizational development and outreach to young people and students. He sees the value of drawing on personal stories and Jewish tradition for inspiration in the work we do.  

“I see IJV not only as an organization of progressive Jews that support Palestinian rights, but as a space for Jews to develop an alternative Jewish community grounded in principles of true social justice.”

We are confident that Corey will help IJV reach new heights in the coming years.

“The tides are shifting. Jews in Canada are reconsidering their support for Israel like never before and need a way to get engaged. This is a perfect time to step up our efforts and expand our base in the fight for a just peace in Israel/Palestine.”