Gaza on the Brink: Ceasefire now!

The situation in Palestine-Israel is growing more and more dangerous, with total casualties now in the thousands. The situation is now so dire that some are warning of potential genocide in Gaza.

Canadian officials have spoken out in support of Israel’s “right to self-defence” and requested that it abide by international law, but Justin Trudeau and Mélanie Joly have yet to condemn or call for an end to Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. 

As Israel continues to escalate its bombardment and 16-year siege of Gaza – cutting off food, fuel, vital aid and water – the Canadian government must be called upon to do what’s right: calling for an immediate ceasefire, and for an end to the collective punishment of Palestinians. 

Add your voice to those in support of both Palestinian and Israeli lives. Click on this link or the button below to send a letter to PM Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, demanding that they take action now. 

Never again means never again – for anyone. The time to speak up is now.