IJV Webinar: Palestinian Youth Voices from Gaza

Thanks to everyone who participated in our webinar! You can watch the full video here if you missed it.

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For more than a decade now, the Israeli blockade on Gaza has rendered life there intolerable. The “biggest prison on earth” is a humanitarian disaster. But despite this reality, Gazans press on, displaying exceptional fortitude (Sumoud), fighting off pangs of despair and pursuing freedom against great odds.

We Are Not Numbers (WANN) is a group of young Gazans who have turned their personal experiences of economic austerity and ecological devastation into narrative testimonies of survival. Their stories are both joyful and sad. Each is an appeal to the world to see Gazans in their veritable humanity – as ordinary people with human needs, desires, and dreams.

On Sunday, December 15 at 12 pm EST, Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) will host a zoom webinar featuring two WANN delegates, Issam and Asmaa. Please come to hear their stories from the Gaza ghetto. Please come and support their eloquent venture.

This webinar promises not only to showcase these bold resistance writers, but to send a powerful message to the international community that the siege on Gaza is humanly untenable and must be lifted now!