IJV Principles

  1. We affirm that human rights are universal and indivisible and should be upheld without exception. 
  2. We believe that all people living within Israel-Palestine have the right to freedom, equality, and to peaceful and secure lives.
  3. We believe that the fight against antisemitism is undermined when principled opposition to unjust Israeli government policies and practices–including those that contravene international law–are branded as antisemitic.
  4. We oppose all forms of racism, including antisemitism, anti-Arab racism, anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, and intra-Jewish racism, which marginalizes Jews of colour, Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews.   
  5. We stand in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America) in their efforts to overcome the impacts of European colonization both past and present.
  6. We seek direction from the communities with whom we stand in solidarity and follow their leadership at every opportunity.
  7. We strive to be inclusive, justice-seeking, democratic, and open to diverse ideas and practices.
  8. We believe that true security requires justice and solidarity.

(The above principles were adopted at an annual general meeting of IJV members on June 14, 2020)