IJV Welcomes Canada’s Ceasefire Vote, Calls for Sustained Pressure on Israel

IJV welcomes Canada’s vote at the UN General Assembly today calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire, the protection of civilians, the immediate, unconditional release of all hostages and humanitarian access”.

While we appreciate this vote, it is more than 60 days too late. The disappointment and horror that so many Canadians have felt at this egregious delay will not be forgotten, nor will the thousands of lives that have been lost to date. 

Canadians in the hundreds of thousands–IJV members from coast to coast to coast among them–have mobilized for months to push the Liberal government to make this call. But this historic movement for peace, justice and liberation for the Palestinian people mustn’t stop here.

A ceasefire is only the first step toward what is needed to achieve justice in Palestine-Israel. We must continue to push our government to go further and to take action toward ending Israel’s regime of settler-colonialism, illegal occupation and apartheid. 

While continuing to push for a lasting ceasefire, Canada must utilize all economic and diplomatic means at its disposal to achieve an end to the violence and a just peace for all. The only way towards peace is justice and freedom for all, Palestinians and Israelis alike.