Israel as a Racist Endeavour: Unpacking the IHRA (Nov. 2 webinar)

As an urgent response to the threats to silence the voices of justice and advocacy for Palestine, the Palestinian Youth Movement, Independent Jewish Voices, Faculty for Palestine, and the Toronto BDS Network are pleased to welcome you to our joint educational panel discussion. In this event we will be discussing the IHRA’s working definition of antisemitism and its effects on the Palestinian struggle, academic freedom, and civil rights.

There have been many voices speaking out against this bill as it violates our basic freedoms of expression, specifically our abilities to criticize governments and states that violate human rights and international law.

The discussion will be moderated by the Palestinian Youth Movement and the distinguished speakers will be sharing their diverse knowledge and insight on the bill that has been rammed through an Order in Council.

Dr. Sheryl Nestel
Faisal Bhabha
Khaled Mouammar
Dr. Greg Shupak