Ontario Jewish Support for MPP Candidate Sarah Jama

Disclaimer: IJV is sharing this important letter, supported by many of our members. IJV Canada is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any particular candidate or political party in the Hamilton Centre byelection.

We are members of the Jewish community in Ontario.  We wholeheartedly, unreservedly support Sarah Jama in the upcoming Ontario provincial bi-election for Member of Provincial Parliament for Hamilton Centre.

Sarah has been a powerful advocate for justice for all people for over a decade with a proven track record of building the capacity of communities to come together and advocate. She has worked tirelessly to change the conditions of injustice in the Hamilton area. Whether as co-founder and executive director of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario or as a co-founder of the Hamilton Encampment Support Network, Sarah has demonstrated advocacy and leadership. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Sarah was instrumental in creating mutual aid networks and centres crucial in helping hundreds of neighbours in Hamilton.  She brings communities together to work towards building a better world – one where everyone can thrive free of ableism, racism (including anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, anti-immigrant racism), sexism, xenophobia, poverty, homophobia, transphobia, climate injustice, and all forms of oppression.

 Sarah’s very substantial track record in our communities demonstrates her deep understanding of the interconnectedness and intersectionality of all oppressions.  She has the experience and expertise required to serve as an effective MPP and will bring all of her experiences to representing all of the people of Hamilton Centre in the Ontario Provincial Legislature. Her ability to build community and to envision a better future for all Hamiltonians is authentic.  It derives from her lived experience as well as doing the hard work of advocacy on a variety of issues with a multiplicity of communities.

 We wholeheartedly and without reservation support Sarah Jama as the next MPP for Hamilton Centre. We desperately need an MPP like Sarah, who is connected to communities and connects communities. She has our vote, our confidence, and our trust.  If you care about justice for all people and about building a better Hamilton and a better world, vote Sarah Jama!

Signed by,

  1. Jess Abraham, MSW, Toronto
  2. Corey Balsam, national organizer, Independent Jewish Voices
  3. Leslee Balsam, member, IJV Ottawa
  4. Julia Barnett, health care worker, Toronto
  5. Anne Beer, Holocaust survivor, Windsor
  6. Jody Berland, professor, York University
  7. Rima Berns-McGown, former ONDP MPP,  Beaches-East York
  8. Marilyn Birmingham, community activist, Kingston  
  9. Abraham Blank, real estate sales rep, Toronto
  10. Sam Blatt, P.Eng. (ret), Toronto
  11. Elizabeth Block, singer-songwriter, Toronto
  12. Pamela Block, anthropology professor, London
  13. Aha Blume, educator, Hamilton Centre
  14. Lil Blume, writer, Hamilton Centre
  15. Elizabeth Brandeis, midwife, Hamilton Centre
  16. Karen Brill, BSW, M.Ed., Toronto
  17. Mark Robert Brill
  18. Sarah Broitman, IJV member, formerly of Hamilton, now Ottawa
  19. Jonathan Brown Gilbert, Jewish studies teacher, Toronto
  20. Deborah Cowen, prof geography and planning, U of Toronto
  21. Natalie Davis, historian, Toronto
  22. Dr Riki Dayan, MD, Hamilton Centre
  23. Charlie Diamond, retired, Toronto
  24. Gord Doctorow, EdD, Toronto
  25. Olivia Dooley, Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto grad, 
  26. Alex Echakowitz, mental health and disability advocate, Thornhill
  27. Keturah Edwards, Hamilton Centre
  28. Rachel Epstein, Ph.D., Toronto
  29. Wolfe Erlichman, Kingston
  30. Jorge Filmus, professor, Toronto
  31. Dr Adrian Fine MD, FRCP, Professor of Medicine
  32. Chava Finkler, Ph.D., London
  33. Tami J. Freeman, associate professor of history, Brock University
  34. Jacob Haas, Hamilton Centre
  35. Sam Hersh, Ottawa
  36. Cheryl Gaster
  37. Zvi Gaster, CPA, Toronto-Danforth
  38. Alisa Gayle-Deutsch, musician, Toronto
  39. Sophie Geffros, Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas
  40. Zachary Goldkind, artist, Toronto
  41. Sue Goldstein, artist, Toronto
  42. Amy Gottlieb, IJV member, Toronto
  43. Jesse Grand, retired social worker, Egansville
  44. Eleanor Grant, retired, Waterloo
  45. Jesse Greener, professor
  46. Davita Guslits, student, London
  47. Matthew Gventer, ONDP member, Kingston
  48. Dave Hazzan, York University, Toronto
  49. Julia Horel, Treasurer of IJV Canada, Toronto
  50. Yaakov Iland, IJV member, Kitchener
  51. Ze’ev Ionis, retired team builder, born in Israel
  52. Eli Jany, Ph.D. candidate in Yiddish, Toronto
  53. Susan Jany, Oakville
  54. Jake Javanshir, retired businessman, Toronto
  55. David Kattenburg, Hamilton Centre
  56. Becky Katz, Artist, Hamilton Centre
  57. Laura Katz, campaign volunteer, Hamilton Centre
  58. Alex Kerner, Hamilton Centre
  59. Kevin Keystone, journalist, Toronto
  60. Martin Klein, professor emeritus, University – Rosedale
  61. Jamie Kneen, researcher, Ottawa
  62. Bernie Koenig, retired professor, London
  63. Harry Kopyto, retired lawyer, Toronto
  64. Molly Kraft, union organizer, Toronto
  65. Karen Kurtzrock, Ottawa
  66. Michael Kuttner, retired teacher, Toronto
  67. Michael Lambek, professor emeritus, Toronto
  68. Ronnie Joy Leah, Ph.D., OISE/U of Toronto
  69. Lynda Lemberg
  70. Ellen G. Levine, Toronto
  71. Charles Levkoe, professor, Thunder Bay
  72. Howard Leznoff, retired teacher, Markham
  73. Barbara Linds, Napanee
  74. Charlie Lior, Toronto
  75. Karen Lior, Toronto
  76. Anna Lippman, Ph.D. candidate, York University
  77. John Liss, lawyer, Toronto
  78. Dr. Rachel Loewith, physician, Hamilton Centre
  79. Ben Losman, member Morris Winchevsky community, Toronto
  80. Andrew Lyons, prof of anthropology emeritus, Wilfred Laurier University
  81. Harriet Lyons, prof of anthropology (ret), Waterloo
  82. Adra Magidson, Hamilton Centre
  83. Deborah Mandell, registered psychotherapist, Toronto
  84. Helga Mankovitz, Kingston
  85. Rabbi Anna Maranta, kohenet, Ottawa
  86. Peter Marmorek, teacher, Toronto
  87. Charles Maurer, writer, Toronto
  88. Scott Miller Berry, cultural worker, Toronto
  89. Rabbi David Mivasair, Hamilton Centre
  90. Alex Mlynek, writer and editor, Toronto
  91. Sheryl Nestel, independent scholar, Toronto
  92. Sydney Nestel, Toronto
  93. Geneviève Nevin 
  94. Miriam Novick, Hamilton Centre
  95. Sylvia Powers, retired, Frontenac County
  96. Diana Ralph, Ph.D., Ottawa
  97. Sara Rans, chair Independent Jewish Voice Steering Committee
  98. Pat Rayman, psychotherapist, Toronto
  99. Judy Rebick, Canadian author, journalist
  100. Samuel Isaac Robinson, retired therapist, Hamilton Centre
  101. Dr. Bram Rochwerg, physician, Hamilton Centre
  102. Jill Rogin, asst professor, Windsor School of Law, Hamilton Centre
  103. Herman Rosenfeld, Socialist Project, Toronto
  104. SandraLaya Ruch, Kohenet, Toronto
  105. Debbie Samson, educator, Guelph
  106. Tara Schorr, Toronto
  107. Carol Schwartz, Ph.D., Toronto
  108. Karen Shenfeld, poet and filmmaker, Magnetawan
  109. William Shookoff, musician & educator, Toronto
  110. Mitchell Shore, Toronto
  111. Rachel Small, World Beyond War organizer, Toronto
  112. Raphael Solomon, Ph.D., Ottawa
  113. Susan Starkman, retired librarian, Toronto
  114. Ken Stone, retired teacher, activist, Hamilton Mountain
  115. Vannina Sztainbok, researcher and educator, Toronto
  116. Yoella Teplitsky, MD, Toronto
  117. Sara Traub, educator, Toronto
  118. Brenda Vellino, English professor, Ottawa
  119. Lorne Walters, born 1945, Hamilton
  120. Sandra T. Wayne, retired govt exec, bubbe to two bubbelehs, Toronto
  121. Lauren Weinberg, business owner, Waterloo
  122. Paul Weinberg, writer, Hamilton
  123. Michelle Weinroth, Ottawa
  124. Suzanne Weiss, author, activist, Holocaust survivor, Toronto.
  125. Jeffrey J. Wilkinson, Ph.D., Guelph
  126. Errol Young, photographer, Toronto
  127. Dan Zaitzow, educator, Hamilton Centre
  128. Anna Zalik, asso prof environmental and urban change, York University
  129. Edik Zwarenstein, retired engineer, Toronto
  130. Philip Zylberberg, retired lawyer, Sudbury