Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund: Human rights at the mercy of profitability

The dismantling of the “Al-Soumoud” camp in front of the Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund (CDPQ) is the result of the SPVM’s violent repression of citizens’ right to refuse Quebec’s complicity in the war against the Palestinian people. 

The powers that be and their backers have been reduced to using violence and police repression to stifle the voice of citizens and trample on our right to support Palestinian human rights. 

Because citizens denounce them and hold them accountable for using our money to fund Israeli war crimes, the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec bow to the powerful machine of censorship and disinformation designed to divert attention from their financial complicity. 

The CDPQ’s complicity amounts to $14 billion in Quebec dollars invested in companies complicit in Israeli war crimes and the ongoing genocide in Gaza. 1.5 billion invested in 7 companies that have directly or indirectly contributed to, facilitated and profited from the construction and proliferation of settlements in the West Bank. 

The dismantling of the camps shows a total disregard for the voice of the people – and a resounding silence about the role we play in perpetuating the suffering of peoples deemed unworthy. 

Divestment is achievable, and instead of engaging in discussion with your citizens, you immediately resorted to the use of police force. 

Our support for the Palestinian people is unwavering, and we raise our independent Jewish voices alongside our fellow Montrealers and Quebecers, thousands of whom support all initiatives undertaken in support of the Palestinians.