IJV Online Chavurah – Shavuot Session

Fifty, or 7 X 7 + 1, is a magic Jewish number, found not only in the counting of the Omer but also in the Jubilee cycle.

There is an ancient Jewish book, the Book of Jubilees, that is devoted to charting the creation and development of the world according to the Jubilee cycles.

What is the magic of these cycles, and why does Jewish tradition understand the world to achieve radical freedom and radical equality with the arrival of the fiftieth?

Come to explore these and other questions at the IJV Online Chavurah’s Shavuot Session on Thursday, May 13th at 7:30pm ET in honour of Shavuot!

Everyone is welcome!

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About IJV’s Online Chavurah

IJV’s Online Chavurah is a non-Zionist space where we can build connections with like-minded people. All viewpoints are valuable, and we encourage participants to share their own unique thoughts and experiences. This is not a group meant to debate differences in opinion but to share and support each other’s learning.

IJV’s Online Chavurah does not presuppose any theology nor any particular knowledge about anything other than one’s own life. It uses a group format to explore Jewish text, liturgy and theology, providing time for participants to discover new meaning in old writings.

About the facilitator

Lucia Pizarro is the first Mexican woman ordained as a rabbi in the Conservative movement. Her mission is to empower Jewish activists, who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, to do Jewish. Lucia is a full-time mom while she develops the Jewish Liberation Theology Institute. She is a member of Independent Jewish Voices’ Spiritual and Cultural Network, and a member of Jewish Voice for Peace’s Rabbinical Council.

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