Open Letter from 400+ Canadian Academics Opposing the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

UPDATED: Over 400 Canadian academics have now signed on to an open letter opposing the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) definition of antisemitism. Our letter, and the signatories, are below. If you are an academic in Canada and would like to sign on to the letter, please fill out the form here.

We, the undersigned members of the Canadian academic community wish to express our opposition to the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism by academic institutions and other public bodies in Canada.

Antisemitism is an imminent and increasingly deadly threat to Jews. However, we do not believe that the adoption of this definition serves the purpose of defeating this insidious form of hatred. The IHRA definition, which has recently been adopted by the Canadian government, is worded in such a way as to intentionally equate legitimate criticisms of Israel and advocacy for Palestinian rights with antisemitism. This conflation undermines both the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality and the global struggle against antisemitism. It also serves to shield Israel from accountability to universal standards of human rights and international law. We believe that the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism by Canadian academic institutions would create a “chilly climate” in relation to forms of teaching, research and activism on Israel and Palestine. We urge all those who value honest debate and academic freedom to reject the imposition of a definition that would imperil the pursuit of truth and the legitimate expression of dissent.

For more information, including Independent Jewish Voices’ full report on the IHRA definition, please visit: Please feel free to contact us with any questions at


1Amina Jamal, Associate Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University
2Harjeet Badwall, Associate Professor, York University 
3Guida Man, Associate Professor, York University
4Chris Chapman, Associate Professor, York University
5Kristin Smith, Associate Professor, Ryerson University 
6Sheryl Nestel, PhD, Independent Scholar
7Donna Jeffery, Associate Professor, UVIC
8Deborah Cowen, Professor, University of Toronto
9b.h. Yael, Professor, past Chair Senate, OCAD University
10Yves Winter, Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University
11Denis Kosseim, philosophy professor, André-Laurendeau College
12Richard Fung, Professor Emeritus, OCAD University
13Martin Klein, Professor emeritus, University of Toronto
14M. V. Ramana, Professor, University of British Columbia
15Mark Golden, professor (emeritus) of Classics, University of Winnipeg
16Neil Naiman, Senior Scholar, York University
17Gerardo Otero, Professor of International Studies and Sociology, Simon Fraser University
18Michael Keefer, Professor Emeritus, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
19Dr. M. Nandorfy, University of Guelph
20Professor Audrey Macklin, University of Toronto (Law/Criminology and Sociolegal Studies)
21Elizabeth Whitmore, Professor Emerita, Carleton Univerity
22Michael Lebowitz, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University 
23Aziz Choudry, Associate Professor, Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University
24Rosalind Hampton, Professor, University of Toronto
25Michelle Hartman, Professor, McGill University
26James Deutsch, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
27Elena Razlogova, Associate Professor of History, Concordia University
28Barb Coward, Retired instructor, Douglas College
29Michael Bueckert, PhD Candidate, Carleton University
30Enda Brophy, Professor, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
31Dror Warschawski, Associate Professor, Université de Québec à Montréal
32Vincent Romani, Associate Professor, Université de Québec à Montréal
33Diana Allan, Assistant Professor, McGill University
34Yves Winter, Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University
35Rula Jurdi, Professor, McGill University
36Paul Eid, Professor of Sociology, Université de Québec à Montréal
37Jens Hanssen, History Prof., University of Toronto
38William Clare Roberts, Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University 
39Doreen Fumia Associate Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University
40Nathalie Kouri-Towe, Assisant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University
41Shanon Fitzpatrick, Assistant Professor, McGill University
42Dr. Sheila Delany, Emerita, Simon Fraser University
43David R. Hill, Professor Emeritus, Unuversity of Calgary
44Dr. Trevor Purvis, Department of Law & Legal Studies, Carleton University 
45Thomas C Brown, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
46Anthony Glass, Emeritus Professor in Botany, Univesity of British Columbia
47Nahla Abdo, Professor of Sociology, Carleton University
48Marty Roth, Emeritus professor, University of Minnesota
49Dr. Sandra Sjollema, Concordia University
50Norman Epstein, Professor Emeritus, Dept. Of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Univesity of British Columbia
51Arthur Milner, University of Calgary
52Robert Kirchner, PhD, Linguistics Dept., University of Alberta (retired)
53David Heap, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
54Matthew Rowlinson, Professor of English, Western University
55Adriana Premat, Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Western Ontario
56Paul Handford, Professor Emeritus, University of Western Ontario
57Peter Chidiac, Professor, University of Western Ontario
58Herb Gamberg, Professor, retired, Dalhousie
59Gerry Chidiac, Instructor, University of Northern BC
60Jorge Filmus, Professor, University of Toronto
61Peter Driftmier, Social Work Researcher & Masters Student, University of Calgary
62Bernie Hammond, Professor Emeritus, King’s University College, Western University 
63Carol Schwartz, Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto
64Carol Hunsberger, Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario
65Elle Flanders PhD, Jackman Humanities Fellow University of Toronto
66Mary Ellen Davis, Part-time faculty, Concordia University, Montréal
67Eric Shragge, Associate Professor (retired) School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University
68Noah Cannon, MSc. Candidate, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
69Chetna Khandelwal, University of Calgary
70Deinera Exner-Cortens, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
71Jessie Stein, PhD. student, City University of New York Graduate Center
72Lana Povitz, Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Middlebury College, Vermont
73Adrienne Hurley, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies, McGill University
74Stuart J. Murray, Canada Research Chair, Carleton University
75Sarah Brouillette, Professor, Carleton University 
76Harriet Lyons, Professor Emerita, University of Waterloo
77Gord Doctorow, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University (retired)
78Firoze Manji, Adjunct Professor, Institute of African Studies, Carleton University
79Hieu Van Ngo, Associate Professor, University of Calgary
80Iso Setel, graduate student & instructor, Concordia University 
81Erica Lawson, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario 
82Dr. Ronnie Joy Leah, Academic Instructor, Athabasca University
83Sarah Shamash, Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia
84John R Young, PhD in Political Science (Simon Fraser University)
85Naomi Binder Wall, OISE, University of Toronto
86R. Millar, Prof. Emeritus, University of Western Ontario
87Don Ray, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, University of Calgary
88Ruth Gamberg, Associate Professor of Education, Dalhousie University (retired)
89Diana Ralph, Ph.D., Associate Professor, retired, Carleton University
90Reuben Roth, Associate Professor, Workplace and Labour Studies Program, Laurentian University
91Vannina Sztainbok, University of Toronto
92Larry Haiven, Professor Emeritus, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax
93Kevin A. Gould, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Concordia University
94Rachad Antonius, Full Professor, Sociology, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
95Amber Dean, Associate Professor, McMaster University
96Stephen Marmura, Associate Professor, St. Francis Xavier University 
97Dr. Ismail Zayid, Retired Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University
98M. Abdul-Masih (PhD), Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s University.
99Marnina Gonick, Professor, Mount St Vincent University
100Michael Bradfield, Professor (Ret’d), Economics, Dalhousie University
101Judy Haiven, PhD, Retired Professor, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax
102Cynthia Levine-Rasky, Associate Professor (Queen’s University)
103Neil Mclaughlin, Professor of Sociology, McMaster University 
104David Murakami Wood, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
105Nadia Abu-Zahra, Joint Chair in Women’s Studies at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University
106Amanda Glasbeek, Associate Professor, York University
107Jeremy Wildeman, Research Fellow, University of Bath
108Peige Desjarlais, Graduate Student, University of Western Ontario
109Abigail B. Bakan, Professor, University of Toronto
110Faisal BHABHA, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
111Dr. Jasmin Zine, Professor, Wilfred Laurier University
112Patricia Molloy, Contract Faculty, Wilfrid Laurier University
113Özlem Sensoy, Professor, Simon Fraser University 
114Rashmi Luther, Lecturer (retired), School of Social Work, Carleton University 
115Dr. Mary-Jo Nadeau, Retired lecturer
116Adnan Husain, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
117Peter Ives, Professor, University of Winnipeg
118James L. Turk, Director, Centre for Free Expression, Ryerson University
119OmiSoore Dryden, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University
120MJ Rwigema, Lecturer, Social Work, York University
121Sima Aprahamian, Ph.D. Research Associate, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University
122Joe Curnow, University of Manitoba
123Jody Berland, Professor, York University
124Colin Mooers, Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University
125Dr. Denise Nadeau, Affiliate Assistant Professor Department of Religions and Cultures Concordia University
126Stephen Jordan, Associate professor, McGill University
127Mike Burke, Assoc Prof, retired, Ryerson University
128Dr. Bonnie MacLachlan, University of Western Ontario
129Prabha Khosla, Gender Equality Specialist
130Peter Fitting, Professor emeritus, University of Toronto
131Sylvat Aziz, Associate Professor, Queens University
132Harry Smaller (Ph.D); Associate Professor Emeritus; York University
133Kari Dehli, Professor Emerita, OISE, University of Toronto
134Denis Rancourt, PhD, Researcher at Ontario Civil Liberties Association, and former Full Professor at University of Ottawa
135Valentina Capurri, instructor, Ryerson university 
136Dr. Simone Davis, Trinity College, University of Toronto
137Roger Beck, Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto
138Stephen Rockel, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
139Dr. Edwin E. Dani, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta
140Larry Hannant, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Victoria
141Najib Safieddine Assistant Professor. University of Toronto
142Andrew Brook, Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus, Carleton University
143Sumi Hasegawa, Retired Faculty lecturer, East Asian Studies, McGill University
144Michelle Nitoslawska, Professor, Concordia Univeristy
145Dorit Naaman, Professor, Film and Media, Queen’s University
146Elena Basile, PhD, Contract Faculty, York University
147Gary Kibbins, Associate Professor, Queens University
148Anna Willats, Faculty, AWCCA, George Brown College
149Nikita Lary, Associate Professor of Humanities (retired)
150Scott Morgensen, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
151Rebecca Anweiler, Professor, Queen’s University
152Paul Forster, Professor, Dept of Philosophy, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
153Brenda Vellino, Associate Professor, English Department, Carleton University
154David Camfield, Associate Professor, Labour Studies & Sociology, University of Manitoba
155Paul Orlowski, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
156Phyllis Creighton, Adjunct Faculty, Faculty of Divinity, Trinity College, University of Toronto
157Patricia Harms, Associate Professor of History, Brandon University
158Régis Pomès, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
159Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman, BA (University of Toronto), MA (Concordia University), Post-Graduate Student (York University)
160Ian Angus, Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
161Julie Guard, Professor, University of Manitoba
162Muhammad Ali Khalidi, Professor of Philosophy, York University
163Elizabeth Quinlan, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
164Taina Maki Chahal Contract Lecturer Lakehead University 
165Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández, Professor, University of Toronto
166Patricia Palulis, Associate Professor University of Ottawa
167Sobia Shaikh, Assitant Professor, Memorial University
168Jean-Noel Grenier, Professeur Titulaire, Département des relations industrielles, Université Laval
169Umar Shehzad, Assistant Professor, Govt. Postgraduate College Chakwal 
170Alan Sears, Professor, Ryerson University
171Brian Aboud, Professor, Vanier College
172Madalena Santos PhD, Carleton University
173Andrew Lugg, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa
174Peter Eglin, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University
175Bob Russell, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
176Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
177John Calvert, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
178Evan Taylor, PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts Amherst
179Shahnaz Khan, Professor Emerita, Wilfrid Laurier, University 
180Maurice Dufour, Marianopolis College
181Maureen Korp, PhD, Independent Scholar, lecturer, and writer
182Cornelia J. Baines, Professor Emerita, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
183Deborah Heller, Associate Professor Emerita, Humanities and Senior Scholar, York, University
184Merv Nicholson, Professor (Full), Thompson Rivers University
185Andrew Hill, PhD student
186John R Bell, Professor Emeritus, Seneca College
187Kevin MacKay, Professor, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
188Elga Martinez-Salazar, Associate Professor, Human Rights and Social Justice, Carleton University
189Peter Larson, Ph.D., Lecturer, Learning in Retirement Program, Carleton University
190Jesse Greener, Professor, U. Laval, Chemistry
191Barbara Murdoch, Easter Connecticut State University
192Dr. Val Marie Johnson, Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Justice & Community Studies, Saint Mary’s University
193Conrad Alexandrowicz, Associate professor, University of Victoria
194Naava Smolash, PhD, Faculty Member, Douglas College
195TA Eriksen, Adult Education 
196John Molgaard, Phd. P.Eng.,(Retired), Hon. Research Prof., Memorial University of Newfoundland
197Bikrum Gill, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Virginia Tech
198Donald Swartz, Professor [ret] Carleton University
199Harry Shannon, Professor Emeritus, McMaster University
200E. Natalie Rothman, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto
201Robert Latham, Professor, Politics, York University
202Dolores Chew, Faculty, Marianopolis College
203Dr. Rachel Berger, Associate Professor, Concordia University
204David McNally, Professor Emeritus, York University
205Vincent Mosco. Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University
206Rosa Pires, Part-time teacher, Concordia University
207François Bisson, Enseignant, Cégep de Rimouski
208Catherine McKercher, Professor Emerita, Carleton University
209Ingo Schmidt, Assistant Professor, Athabasca University
210Dan Freeman-Maloy, postdoctoral fellow, Université du Québec à Montréal
211Itrath Syed, PhD Candidate, SFU
212Zoe Druick, Professor, Simon Fraser University
213Dr Radhika Desai, Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Manitoba
214Justin Podur, Associate Professor, York University
215Mary Jo Iozzio, PhD, Professor of Moral Theology, Boston College
216Jerry Harris, National Sect. Global Studies Assoc. of N. America
217Christopher Helali, Graduate Student, Dartmouth College 
218Nino Pagliccia, Statistician, UBC
219James Penney, Professor, Trent University
220Stephen Kimber, Professor, School of Journalism, University of King’s College, Halifax
221Dr. A. Ernest Epp, Professor Emeritus of History, Lakehead University
222Dr. Axel Dorscht, Head, Institute for Human Conceptual and Mental Development (IHCMD)
223Joanne Naiman, Professor Emerita, Ryerson University, Toronto
224Trevor Harrison, Professor, University of Lethbridge
225Ron Bourgeault, Instructor Emeritus, Sociology, University of Regina
226Ivan Handler, retired CIO, State of Illinois Health Information Exchange and Medicaid agency
227Jason Miller, Master’s student, University of Victoria
228Abraham Weizfeld PhD
229Julia Herz, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Concordia University
230Laurie Adkin, Professor, University of Alberta
231James Rowe, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria
232Jennifer Kelly, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta
233Bruce Spencer, Professor Emeritus, Athabasca University
234Janice Williamson, Professor Emerita, University of Alberta
235Robert Ware, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. OF CALGARY 
236Mary Jean Hande, PhD, Mount Saint Vincent University 
237William K. Carroll, Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria
238Dr. David Kahane, University of Alberta
239Joyce Green, Professor, University of Regina
240Marilyn Porter, Professor Emerita, Memorial University
241Dr. Lorna Stefanick, Athabasca University
242Veldon Coburn, Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
243Kendra Strauss, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
244Dr. Emily Eaton, University of Regina
245Jean-François Belzile, Professeur, cégep André-Laurendeau
246Claude Gervais, philosophy teacher 
247Yakov Rabkin, Professor Emeritus, Université de Montréal
248Mark Ayyash, Associate Professor, Sociology, Mount Royal University 
249Renae Watchman, Associate Professor, Mount Royal University
250Darlene Juschka, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies,University of Regina
251Rita Kaur Dhamoon, Assistant Professor Political Science, University of Victoria
252Simon Black, Assistant Professor, Brock University
253Ratiba Hadj-Moussa, Professor, York University
254Tarek Loubani, MD, Emergency physician and Associate Professor, Western University
255Jalal Kawash, Teaching Professor, University of Calgary
256Atif Kubursi, PhD. Professor Emeritus, McMaster University
257Ken Collier, MSW, PhD, Athabasca University (retired)
258Dr. Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddiqui 
259John Greyson, Film/Video Artist and Associate Professor, York University
260Pierre Beaudet, Professeur Associé, Université d’Ottawa
261Chandni Desai, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, 
262Mika Lior, PhD Culture and Performance, UCLA
263Dr. Sanja Dejanovic, Part-time Professor, Seneca
264Marie France Labrecque, Professeure émérite, Université Laval
265Norma Rantisi, Professor, Concordia University
266Frédéric Lesemann, professeur titulaire retraité, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Montréal
267Lucie Lamarche, Professeure, Université du Québec à Montréal
268David Mandel, Professeur, Université du Québec à Montréal
269Emily Green, Master’s student, York University
270Amira Issa, Graduate student, Master’s of Law, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
271Émilie Duchesne, candidate à la maîtrise en science politique à l’Université du Québec à Montréal
272Virginie Robert, Law Graduate Student 
273Benoît Allard, étudiant à la maîtrise en science politique, UQAM
274Benjamin Bourdages-Duclot, candidat à la maîtrise, Université de Montréal
275Inès Sahmou, UQÀM
276Yasmine Djahnine, Université du Québec à Montréal 
277Justine Grandmont, Candidate à la maîtrise en sociologie, Université du Québec à Montréal
278Stéphanie Thibodeau, Université du Québec à Montréal
279Mélianne Bricault-Quintal, Candidate à la Maîtrise en science politique, Université du Québec à Montréal 
280Malcolm Blincow, Associate Professor Emeritus (Anthropology), York University
281Walter Whiteley, Professor Emeritus, York University
282Rob Heynen, Assistant Professor, York University
283Judy Rebick, Ryerson University, lecturer
284D Alissa Trotz, Professor, University of Toronto
285Gabriel Secours, UQAM
286Elaine Coburn, Associate Professor, York University
287Mark Hunter, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Toronto
288Atiqa Hachimi, Associate Professor, University of Toronto 
289Timea Spitka, Canadian Academic currently affiliated with Hebrew University, Israel
290Rushdia Mehreen, PhD Student in the Department of Political Science, Université du Québec à Montréal
291Punam Khosla, Lecturer, University of Toronto
292Chandler Davis, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
293Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Professor, University of Toronto
294Mary Nyquist, Professor, University of Toronto
295Bernd Baldus, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
296Nicholas Sammond, Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Toronto
297Dr. Maureen FitzGerald, Fellow, Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies
298Paul Hamel, Professor, University of Toronto
299Dr Jo Sharma, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
300Smaro Kamboureli, Professor, University of Toronto
301Rosa Sarabia, Professor, University of Toronto
302Dr Ruth Marshall, Associate Professor, Political Science/Study of Religion, University of Toronto
303Edward Andrew, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, U of Toronto
304Chanel Gignac, étudiante, Université du Québec à Montréal
305Gavin Smith, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
306Kate Korycki, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Queen’s University
307J David Hulchanski, Professor, University of Toronto
308Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Toronto
309Dr. Roni Gechtman, PhD. (NYU History and Judaic Studies), Associate Professor, History Department, Mount Saint Vincent University
310Eleanor MacDonald, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
311Alex Verman; MA candidate, University of Toronto, Dept of Political Science and Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies
312Hariet Friedmann, Professor Emerita, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto
313Mohammad Fadel, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
314Manuela Scarci, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
315Margrit Eichler, Professor Emerita, University of Toronto
316Ellen Berrey, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
317Ivan Kalmar, Professor, University of Toronto
318Samantha King, Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen’s University 
319Dr. David Kattenburg, Science Instructor, University of Manitoba
320Jeffrey Adam Sachs, Lecturer, Acadia University
321Steve Heeren, Associate Professor, U. of Regina (retired)
322Kirsten Van Houten, Contract Instructor, Carleton University
323Ariel Salzmann, History, Queen’s University
324John Clarke, Packer Visitor in Social Justice, York University
325Erika Campbell, MA Queen’s University, Teaching Assistant at Queen’s University
326Julien Villeneuve, Philosophy, Collège de Maisonneuve, Montréal 
327Rev. F. Mark Mealing, Ph.D./Anthropology Instructor/Selkirk College/ ret.
328Tami J. Friedman, Associate Professor of History, Brock University
329Robert Argue, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, Ryerson University
330Gerald Rowe, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Institut-Armand-Frappier – INRS
331Rana Sukarieh, Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology, York University
332Andrea Levy, PhD, Independent scholar
333Marie L Campbell, Professor Emerita, University of Victoria
334Tom Priestly, Emeritus Professor, University of Alberta
335Sean Kennedy, Professor, Saint Mary’s University
336Andrée Lévesque, Professeure Émérite McGill University
337Kevin Moloney, Course Director, Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, York University Toronto
338Gulay Kilicaslan, PhD Candidate, York University
339Jennifer J Nelson, former Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
340Jack Hicks, Adjunct Professor, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
341Richard E. Mueller, Professor, University of Lethbridge
342Wendy Strachan, Senior Lecturer, rtd. Simon Fraser University
343Christopher Kelly-Bisson, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Ottawa
344Steve D’Arcy, Associate Professor, Huron at Western
345Maurice Dufour, Lecturer, Marianopolis College
346Ivar Ekeland, FRSC, Professor Emeritus, UBC
347Blair Kuntz, Librarian, Unversity of Toronto
348Paul Peters, Professor, McGill Unviersity
349Jeffrey Wilkinson PhD, OISE/UT
350Clarice Kuhling, Contract Faculty, Wilfrid Laurier University
351Peter Baskerville FRSC, Professor, University of Alberta
352Peter Gose, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Carleton University
353Sue Ferguson, Associate Professor Emeritus, Wilfrid Laurier University
354Larry B Harder, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph
355Andrés Fabián Henao Castro, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston 
356Jessica Dempsey, Associate Professor, Georgraphy, University of British Columbia 
357Jim Glassman, Professor of Geography, University of British Columbia
358Harry Glasbeek, Professor Emeritus and senior Scholar, York University
359Robin Whitaker, Associate Professor, Anthropology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
360Michael D. Kirkpatrick, Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland
361Dieter Misgeld, Professor emeritus, University of Toronto (Ontario Institute for studies in Education of the University)
362Rawan Abdelbaki, PhD Candidate – Sociology, York University 
363Min Kaur, Lecturer, University of Winnipeg
364Terrance James, PhD (retired)
365Eric Ball, English instructor, Langara College (retired)
366LA Cox, Doctoral Student, University of Toronto
367Anna Zalik, Associate Professor, York University
368Ilan Kapoor, Professor, York University
369Nancie Erhard, Associate Professor (Retired), Saint Mary’s University, Halifax
370Tom Lawand, Retired researcher, Brace Research Institute, McGill University
371Stefan Kipfer, Associate Professor, York University
372Bob Whitney, Professor of History, University of New Brunswick
373Dr. Samir Gandesha, Director, Institute for the Humanities, SFU 
374Trevor Barnes, Professor, UBC
375Greg Bird, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
376Jill Glessing, Professor, Ryerson University
377Alan Shandro, Associate Professor, Political Science, Laurentian University
378Gregory S Kealey, Professor Emeritus of History, University of New Brunswick
379Rev. Michelle McVeigh BA. McMaster, M.Div. Knox College, University of Toronto.
380Greg Albo, Associate Professor, Politics, York University 
381Sophie Bourret-Klein, MA Candidate, University of Toronto
382Warren Magnusson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, University of Victoria
383Dr Linda Freeman, Emeritus Professor, Carleton University
384Melvin Zimmerman, Senior Scholar, French, York U.
385Reg Whitaker, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, York University. 
386David Fancy, Full Professor, Department of Dramatic Arts, Brock University
387Mark Thomas, Associate Professor, York University
388Juanita Sundberg, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
389Helmi Alfarra, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity, University of New Brunswick 
390Dr. Anjum Faridi, Assistant Professor Psychiatry, Dalhousie University 
391Genevieve Dumas, Emerita Professor, Queen’s University
392Jeff Noonan Professor Dept. Of Philosophy University of Windsor
393Omar Qutami, PhD student, Dalhousie University
394Richard Marcuse, Instructor, Anthropology, University of Victoria
395Andrew Lyons, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, Wilfrid Laurier and Adjunct Prof., University of Waterloo
396Grant Amyot, Professor, Political Studies, Queen’s University
397Craig Cowan, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
398Dr. Sabine Dreher, York University – Glendon College
399Imad Balkis, PhD Student, McGill University
400Penelope Ironstone, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
401Garry Potter, Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
402Aryn Martin, Associate Professor, York University
403Rafael Sorkin, Researcher Emeritus, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
404Sara Matthews, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
405Dyala Hamzah, Associate professor, Université de Montréal
406Robert Boyce, Emeritus Reader, London School of Economics
407Susan Ibdah, Researcher, PhD candidate, UWO
408Yahya El-lahib, Associate Professor, University of Calgary
409Christo El Morr, Associate Professor, York University
410Ilyan Ferrer, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
411Richard Wellen, Associate Professor, Department of Social Science, York University
412Stefan Kipfer, Associate Professor, York University 
413Chandra Kumar, Lecturer, York University
414Claudia Chaufan, Graduate Program Director, York University
415Danny Heap, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, University of Toronto
416Manfred Bienefeld, Professor Emeritus, Carleton University
417Rianne Mahon, Distinguished Research, Professor Carleton University
418Marguerite Mandell, Concordia University
419Lisa Mills, Associate Professor, Carleton University
420Mario Seccareccia, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa
421Henry Veltmeyer, Professor Emeritus, International Development Studies, Saint Mary’s University
422Himani Bannerji, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar, York University
423Hugh Armstrong, Professor Emeritus, Carleton University
424Murray Smith, Professor of Sociology, Brock University 
425Matt Greaves, Lecturer, Labour Studies Program, Simon Fraser University
426Ken Seigneurie, Simon Fraser University
427Peyman Vahabzadeh, Professor, University of Victoria
428Dr. Amyn B. Sajoo, Scholar-in-Residence & Lecturer, Simon Fraser University School of International Studies
429Margot Young, Professor, Allard School of Law, UBC
430Jaleh Mansoor, Associate professor, UBC 
431Alicia Massie, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University
432Mervyn Nicholson, Professor, Thompson Rivers University
433Robert Russell, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
434Peyvand Forouzandeh, PhD Candidate, UBC
435Leo Panitch, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, York University