Stronger Together: IJV’s 2022 Fundraising Campaign

Do you ever dream about a post-apartheid Israel-Palestine? An end to laws that discriminate against Palestinians? Equal rights for all between the river and the sea? Thriving communities of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze; Arabic speakers and Hebrew speakers? 

This is a vision that Independent Jewish Voices Canada fights for every day.

We’re proud to be an organization that is working to help bring about a better future in Israel-Palestine. And it’s only thanks to our members and supporters that we’ve been able to get as far as we have, working together.

But IJV is facing a very real risk that we’ll have to scale back operations and what we have planned in the coming year if we don’t raise $75,000 in the coming few weeks. 

Please donate to support our vital activism and to help us continue to speak truth to power.

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Where does your money go?

An $18 donation will cover one month of web hosting for our No IHRA campaign website.

A $50 donation will cover the cost of printing a banner that one of our chapters can use in a demonstration or rally.

A $250 donation will cover the cost of one webinar with an inspiring, groundbreaking speaker.

A $500 donation will cover the cost of printing Palestine solidarity buttons that our chapter members can distribute at events and rallies.

A $1500 donation will cover the cost of one promotional video used for our campaigns.

Some of our accomplishments in 5782/2022

  • In March, we launched Together Against Apartheid, a new campaign that aims to educate Canadians about Israeli apartheid, break the taboo around it, and channel people into action–including a pledge that has already been signed by high-profile politicians, artists and thousands of others;
  • In October, we launched a major report, Unveiling the Chilling Effect: The Suppression of Speech on Palestine in Canada, which we know will be a powerful tool to push back against anti-Palestinian racism and false accusations of antisemitism for years to come.
  • All year long, we ramped up our No IHRA campaign to disrupt the pro-Israel lobby’s attempts to shut down supporters of Palestine, leading to major wins including with the Canadian Association of University Teachers, the University of Toronto and the York Region District School Board; 
  • We grew our 18 locals in cities and on campuses across the country, which have bounced back from the pandemic and are now more active, more intergenerational and more effective than ever;
  • We began offering two new workshops on Holocaust education and fighting antisemitism with a critical-thinking lens. The workshops have been given to student associations, unions and community groups
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